Can you really loose weight on RECHARGE SUPERFOOD smoothies?

Can you really loose weight on RECHARGE SUPERFOOD smoothies?

We get a lot of questions about weight loss and our products.


Whilst, we strongly believe that our smoothies are really feeling, it certainly can be used as a meal alternative. Our belief on losing weight is not by skipping meals or starving but ensuring you make the right choices when it comes to having your breakfast, lunch or dinner or even while snacking. Just simply watch what you eat and measure you daily intake vs how much you burn.


Our mission is above all to accompany you in an optimal use of our products in order to allow you to achieve your goals, including that of weight loss but a controlled and sustainable weight loss.

Remember that our products are not initially designed as “diet” products. They are therefore neither low calorie nor sold in the form of cures or programs. 

This is not the philosophy of our brand at all. Our obsession is to offer you products of irreproachable quality and optimal nutritional value.

Lose weight Yes, but by following below basic principles.


  1. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day: drinking 3-4L per day is the best way to keep yourself hydrated, full, and constantly by eliminating toxins and keeping your kidney clean will reflect on your skin and your overall health.

  2. Regular workout: And yes, no miracle! For lasting loss and a toned body, physical activity is essential. You don’t have to be a gym junky. Even brisk walk for 30 mins around the block daily will assist. The important thing is to move.

  3. Right Choices: Weight loss journey is a lifestyle where you need to constantly make the right choices when it comes to having breakfast, lunch and dinner or even while snacking. That is to say with quality nutrients, rich in vitamins, minerals and macronutrients (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates) thus allowing to maximize your health and vitality capital. 

  4. Frequent meals: Don’t stick to 3 meals what we got taught while growing up. If you have a habit of skipping breakfast (or another meal) for lack of time or to lose weight faster, this is counterproductive. It is not good for your health and you risk a yoyo effect. So, choose a meal if you feel hungry, to take away if you don't have time. 
    - If you skip breakfast due to a lack of appetite when you wake up, be sure to plan quality snacks to get enough nutrients for your day and meet your body's needs. 
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