When do you deliver?

We have our deliveries in Metro Melbourne on Saturdays and for regional deliveries you will receive prior communications. No signature needed. If no one is home, your package will be left at your door and remain frozen for up to 3 hours.

Where do you deliver?

We ship all across VIC (with some exceptions to a few post codes) and later on we are introducing NSW and QLD so stay tuned.

Do I need to be at home to receive my order?

We would prefer if you! As it makes the overall experience as desired and satisfying.

However, our packages are packed in an insulated box to retain temperature for couple hours after delivery. Signature is not required. We advise placing the cups in the freezer as soon as you receive them.

Please include any/all shipping instructions at checkout in the ‘Additional Notes’ field. These instructions can include apartment number, buzz number, and specific delivery location. We strongly recommend you provide your direct mobile number so driver can get in touch at the time of delivery.

You'll be notified first thing in the morning on the day of delivery so you can plan your day accordingly. There will be second text sent if no-ones home and parcel is left outside.

If instructions are not provided, our courier will leave the package in the safest place they find at their discretion.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages as long as delivery is confirmed via shipping company.

Will my products remain frozen and safe during transit?

We’ve carefully designed our packaging to ensure that your cups stay frozen from the minute they leave our facility to the moment you can put them in your freezer.

Our high-quality insulated bags work in unison to keep your superfood eats and drinks ice-cold, all day. Most importantly we have teamed up with our fleet partners who uses frozen vehicles to keep the goods in our desired temperature.

We deliver via our partner Cold Xpress Refrigerated transport. So, your products remain at -18 ° C during the entire transport and until they arrive at your home (even if the delivery fails and must be rescheduled). Delivery is only by hand so make sure someone is present to receive it and put the products in the freezer.

Cold Xpress Refrigerated transport is ISO 9001 certified. For more information on Cold Xpress Refrigerated transport, click HERE.

In the event that you receive thawed cups, please contact us at hello@rechargesuperfoods.com.au

How long does the product last in the freezer?

Our ingredients are sourced from high quality farms and frozen at peak harvest to lock in all the nutrients and benefits. In order to maximise freshness, we recommend consuming all cups within 4-6 months of delivery. Our products are still safe to consume after 4-6 months but are more susceptible to freezer burn.


Are your products vegan?

Yes, all of our smoothies and smoothie bowls are vegan. We do not use any product from animals.

Are your products gluten free?

Yes, all of our smoothies and smoothie bowls are gluten free.

Are your products lactose free?

Yes, all of our smoothies and smoothie bowls are lactose free.

I am allergic to tree nuts. Can I consume Recharge Superfoods products without risk?

A number of our smoothies and smoothie bowls contain nuts. We recommend that you check the list of ingredients and allergens on the back of the cup or on our website.

In our production facilities, we handle nuts and other allergenic products and therefore cannot guarantee 100% that our recipes do not contain traces of these allergens.

If you are severely allergic to nuts, we recommend that you do not consume our smoothies or bowls.

Are your products Kosher/Halal?

At the moment, we are not certified Kosher however we are working towards it.

All of the ingredients in our cups are 100% halal. If you have any questions about particular ingredients, please reach out to hello@rechargesuperfoods.com.au

Are your products Organic?

We source our ingredients from local and partner farmers to ensure the best quality and taste.

While not all our ingredients are organic, majority of them are.

What's in a Cup of ready-to-blend smoothie?

In each cup you will find frozen ingredients, pre-cut and pre-portioned to prepare a superfood smoothie when you need it.

Only good: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and superfoods, all 100% natural and unprocessed (no additives or preservatives)

Why do you use frozen fruits and vegetables?

Making our smoothies and smoothie bowls with frozen fruits and / or vegetables has many advantages: incomparable texture, ideal temperature, long storage and maximum nutritional density.

Our suppliers of frozen fruits and vegetables work with the IQF technique (Individual Quick Frozen or Flash frozen) which guarantees maximum conservation of nutrients.

Our fruits and vegetables are frozen within hours of being collected, which allows them to retain their flavour and all their nutritional power.

Thanks to frozen food, we waste less. Everything is pre-proportioned which avoids throwing in good fruits and vegetables.

Do your products fit my diet/lifestyle?

Our products are perfect for everyone! Whether you’re on a special diet or trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle we have something for you. All our cups are Paleo/ Vegan friendly and Gluten/Dairy free. If you’re unsure whether our products can accommodate your lifestyle or have medical concerns, we recommend contacting your health care provider.

Are your products safe for kids?

Yes! Moms love us! All our products are safe and kid-friendly. If you’re still unsure, please check with your GP or healthcare provider.

Can I customize the ingredients in my cup?

At the moment, we are unable to customize cups to remove particular ingredients. If you have any feedback or recommendations, please reach out to us at hello@rechargesuperfoods.com.au. We love to hear from you!

What is the size of your smoothies?

Each cup is 1 serving and holds approximately 375ml which is equivalent to a medium sized coffee cup.

Do your smoothies contain dairy?

All our cups contain farm-frozen whole ingredients that are 100% dairy free.

Is Recharge Superfoods Australian owned?

Yes – Recharge Superfoods is proudly an Australian owned business, started with a vision by young, and honest entrepreneurs who thrive for not only success but by “giving back to the community” and “keep everyone healthy” attitude, they want to bring difference in every Australians life.

What should I add to my smoothies?

You must add the liquid of your choice (almond milk, coconut milk, water, or coconut water) to make your perfect smoothie.

Please note that all our recipes comes with a recommended base. Please read on the cup for more information.

What equipment do you need?

You just need a freezer to store the smoothies and a blender with a capacity of at least 500ml.

For optimal results in terms of texture and smoothness, we recommend using a blender with a minimum power of 1000 Watts.

How many servings are in a Cup?

Each cup is pre-proportioned to constitute a snack, a breakfast or a meal replacement for one person.

Should I thaw smoothies before mixing them?

You don't need to thaw our preparations before blending them. Their texture will be all creamier. If your blender has a wattage of less than 1000 Watts, it may be useful to wait for up to 10 minutes at room temperature to facilitate mixing.

How long can I keep them in the freezer?

You can keep it in the freezer (-18 ° C) for up to 4 - 6 months depending on the storage conditions (frequency of opening the freezer, outside temperature.). However, never refreeze a blended or thawed smoothie.

Why smoothies instead of juices?

When the fruits are squeezed, their precious fibres are removed and your glass of fruit juice contains as many calories as a glass of fizzy cola. Mixer, on the contrary, preserves the fibers which slow the absorption of natural sugars from fruits.

What is true for all smoothies is even more true for ours. All of our recipes feature a healthy dose of fibre, vegetable protein and healthy fats.

This significantly lowers the glycaemic index and therefore slows the absorption of sugars in the blood. To find out more, consult your GP or nutritionist.

Are your products from organic farming?

Not yet but we are working on it. We use over 100 ingredients in our recipes and it is not always possible or economically viable to buy them organic. Note, however, that more than 50% of our ingredients are, but it would take 95% to label our recipes "organic".

Are our products genuinely good for you?

This is our strongest promise:
- whole, 100% natural, unprocessed ingredients and superfoods which are high nutrient dense (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) that comes with targeted health benefits from each of 4 categories (energy, beauty, protein and greens)
- Our recipes are perfectly balanced and designed by nutritionists (fibers, proteins, good fats, low GI)

Each of our products therefore offers you an exceptional nutritional boost and the guarantee of an ultra-breakfast, meal or snack which is healthy and guilt-free.

Unlike industrial processed smoothies from supermarket or those offered in bars or cafes, our smoothies are 100% natural and have no added sugars.

They are also rich in vegetable proteins, fibers and good fats which gives them a low glycaemic index.

How many calories are in your smoothies?

While it is obviously necessary to keep an eye on the calories we consume, it is just as important - if not more - to look at their nutritional density. Not all calories are created equal.

It is necessary to take into account the macronutrients (proteins and fibers) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) provided.

We have 4 different categories which are GREENS, BEAUTY, PROTEIN, ENERGY and each category have 3-5 of smoothies which is suitable for specific uses and therefore contains different calorie content. Please read nutritional information on the back of each cup for your convenience.

Can I use your products to lose weight (as a meal replacement)?

Our Superfood smoothies and smoothie bowls are perfectly suited for a full breakfast or a balanced light meal.

As part of a diet aimed at losing weight, it is quite possible and even recommended to occasionally replace (every day or every 2 days) one of your meals (lunch or dinner) with one of our superfood smoothies.

Indeed, they are perfectly balanced (especially rich in proteins, healthy fats and fibers), rich in vitamins / minerals with controlled caloric intake.

More information will be shared in the blogs so please don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram to get updates on what’s cooking behind the scenes.

Can I consume several smoothies per day or as a cure?

Occasionally yes, but we do not recommend replacing most of your meals with smoothies or juices (cures) over time without being followed by a nutritionist or a doctor.

Even our smoothies are perfectly balanced on the nutritional side, you have to know how to adapt the calorie intake to your needs and avoid certain deficiencies, especially if you are following a vegan diet.

You can definitely consume 2 per day (for example a breakfast and a snack). In general, a smoothie per day seems ideal to us to balance the liquid and solid nutritional contributions.

Lastly, we will be introducing Smoothie Cleanse Diet in our next phase so please watch this space.

Can our smoothies be consumed during pregnancy?

Our smoothies and smoothie bowls are made with 100% natural ingredients, making them ideal for pregnant women.

However, if you are not immune to ‘toxoplasma’, we do not recommend consuming it.

Indeed, some vegetables contained in our smoothies are raw and freezing does not completely guarantee the destruction of the parasite. The risk, even if it is very low, is therefore not zero.

In addition, we recommend that you avoid certain recipes particularly rich in caffeine or guarana such as MOCHA MADDNESS


Do you have subscription service for Recharge Superfoods?

Do you charge for shipping?

We use third party delivery company and all deliveries are done in frozen vans and therefore charges are directly passed onto the customers.

From time to time we do offer complimentary deliveries so please like us on Instagram and sign up to our newsletter to get updates on ongoing promotions and offers.

How does your return policy work?

Due to the frozen nature of our product and in compliance with Food Health and Safety Regulations, we cannot accept any returned products once they have shipped out of our facilities. We do not offer pickups for rejected packages.

How do promo codes work? Can I use two promo codes?

To checkout using a promo code, enter the code at checkout under order summary. Only one promo code can be used per order at any given time.

How do you maintain the safety of Recharge Superfoods products?

Recharge Superfoods is committed to Food Safety. Our Food Safety Management system complies with the SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing which is an international standard of compliance. The SQF Program is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). To guarantee product quality and to comply with food safety Recharge Superfoods maintains certification to the SQF Standard which is internationally recognised and GFSI benchmarked. We are independently audited, and we are committed to adhering to best practice within our industry.


How does our refund work?

Please refer to refund policy under terms and conditions section.

We do not issue any refunds on processing orders that have been billed. It is important to keep track of when our next order will be billed to avoid any surprise charges.

  • Once a charge has gone through, we cannot issue any refunds.
  • We do not issue refunds based on taste preference.
  • Rejecting a package from a shipping courier does not warrant a refund.

How can I track my orders?

On the day of delivery, you will be notified by our delivery partner about your delivery.


How do I send a gift?

We have gift vouchers available for direct purchase but if you would like to share the love by sending a one-time order to a loved one, email us at hello@rechargesuperfoods.com.au and we’ll set it up for you.

Where can I buy Recharge Superfoods products?

We are 100% online and deliver directly at your doorsteps. By eliminating distributors and wholesalers, we ensure that all additional costs are eliminated and all savings are passed on directly to our customers and most importantly our quality is not compromised throughout the handling and logistic process.

What flavours do you have available?

At Recharge Superfoods, we have 14 different varieties of smoothies suitable to each individual based on their age, gender and taste.

What if I don't finish my smoothie?

Our smoothies are designed to be consumed in 1 meal so you feel fuller for longer period of time. You can keep your blended smoothie in the fridge for 4 to 6 hours; with oxidation it is possible that the colour and texture will deteriorate slightly but this is normal.

However, never refreeze a blended or thawed smoothie.