WTF is a super-human?

There is a superhuman in all of us, we all do insane things everyday but we don't always get the praise.

As a result, we're trying to support the everyday hustlers, hardworkers, go-getters and all the top blokes and sheilas grinding everyday, the only we know how.

By fueling their lifestyle with plant-based superfood smoothies that has nutrionally balanced, free from preservatives and have all the goodies that you need to power through the day.

How It Works

Step 1


All of your frozen smoothie blends either come in a box of 9, 18 or 27 smoothies. To get started, choose your box size and start filling it up with your favorite blends.

We offer 14 nutrionally balanced, delicious smoothie blends to choose from.

Fill Up The Box

Step 2


Whenever you feel like a recharge, simply take one of the pre-portioned smoothie cups out of the freezer, add your preferred liquid and stick it in the blender.

60 seconds and you're ready!

Let's Go

Step 3


If only everything in life was as easy as getting your daily nutrition in with Recharge.

Perfect for breakfast on-the-go, an afternoon pick me up or post workout protein intake.

Sip Away

  • Box of 9

    (perfect way to start)

  • Box of 18

    (our bestseller)

  • Box of 27

    (best value for money)