How it works

Step 1 - Choose Your Box

Choose from a variety of organic superfood boxes that fit your goals and lifestyle.

Step 2 - Get It Delivered

We deliver straight to your home, office, or wherever you like.
Pop them in the freezer. Ready when you are!

Step 3 - Fill. Blend. Enjoy

All the goods are packed in one simple cup — just add liquid, blend and go! We have even included a straw for your convenience.

Step 1 - Select Your Box Size

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Nutritionally Balanced

Convenient & Affordable

Zero Waste

Ready in Seconds

Free Shipping

Plant-Based Superfoods

Nutrient Dense

Our Superfood smoothies are packed with all the nutrients one needs in a day. Our Fruit, plucked at the peak of ripeness, Is 'snap frozen'—meaning everything is frozen right then so it remains nutrient-dense until you blend.

Exotic Ingredients

At the heart of every RECHARGE SUPERFOODS smoothie is a selection of exotic superfoods that have been sourced from around the world. Ensuring quality and nutrition.

Ready In 60 Seconds

No more morning rush! With RECHARGE SUPERFOODS, you have the satisfaction of 'ready-to-blend' smoothies. We have done all the hard work for you, all you have to do is - Fill . Blend . Enjoy

The Perfect Liquid Breakfast
Our Promise

Clean Label: What you read on the cup is what you get. No preservatives and additives.

100% plant based, gluten free and dairy free.

Nutritional Boost: They are balanced with plant protein, dietary fibre, healthy fats and no added sugar.

Ready to Blend

Pre-portioned, Nutritionally balanced, Frozen Smoothie Packs. Ready in under 60 seconds.
Frozen Smoothie packs. Ready in 60 seconds

Recharge Superfoods offers you a daily supply of well-being, delivered to your home. Through our services, our objective is to take the hard work out of leading a healthy, balanced and nutritious lifestyle.