Frozen is the new Fresh – Is it really Healthy?

Frozen is the new Fresh – Is it really Healthy?

There are many misconceptions about frozen foods in general. And to be honest, there should be because what we really put in our body will decide our longevity, daily performance, and how we feel from self within.


A Myth – Frozen fruits and vegetables are unhealthy and less nutritious.


But in reality, upon studying various articles, books and general materials and of course watching ample of videos, we strongly believe that its often reverse and below is why we feel that way.


Most agricultural companies use method called IQF (Individually Quick Freezing) and when the fruits or vegetables are ripped, most of them goes through a thorough process of blanching in boiling water to kill all harmful bacteria and to prevent loss of the flavour, colour and texture. Once its assorted, blanched and batched, it goes on the area for IQF prior to getting packed into several shapes and sizes and rest all handled, stored and transported in (-18 degrees) fleets.


One of the primary benefits of going through this process is to ensure the nutrients are retained along with flavour, colour and texture.


On the other sides, most farmers pluck fruits and vegetables early and send them to the wholesaler and to big supermarkets where ripping process takes places during the transit and storage and have gone through various conditions of sitting at different temperatures, getting transport in open vehicles full of dust and moisture and all of this results in loss of their nutrients.





Some of the benefits of Frozen Fruits and Vegetables:


  • They are mature
  • They are just as nutritious (or even more) than fresh
  • They are additive free
  • They are available throughout the year
  • They are peeled, chopped and cut and ready to consume
  • They can be healthy alternative as you don’t have to go through the hassle of buying, peeling, washing, chopping etc. They are in your freezer when you need them.


For example;

  • The blueberry frozen were 2x more vitamin C than fresh blueberries 3 days after harvest
  • The spinach frozen were 25% more vitamin E than spinach fresh 3 days after harvest
  • The cauliflower frozen have 50% more antioxidants fresh cauliflower 3 days after harvest

If we have opted for frozen ingredients in our ready-to-mix superfood smoothies, it is also for:

  • Offer our recipes all year round, even if the fruits or vegetables are no longer in season or are not available locally
  • Bring an inimitable texture and an ideal temperature to smoothies (compared to fresh fruit mixed with ice cubes)
  • Dramatically reduce food waste. Almost half of fresh fruits and vegetables are thrown in the trash because they do not meet the aesthetic criteria of supermarkets. 
      • Also, each French throws 30 kg of food per year, including a good part of fruits and vegetables.
  • Give the freedom to consume our smoothies at your own pace with shelf life of up to 12 months


Frozen fruits and vegetables are therefore a great alternative to fresh ones out there in most cases.

At Recharge Superfoods, we source the ingredients from the local and best in the business to ensure our brand promise to you always does the justice and your satisfactory towards our products and services remains always high.

In our FAQs we have answered a lot of questions regarding the quality and the process we follow at Recharge Superfoods to ensure you get the best quality and in the best form i.e., Frozen from our freezers to yours.

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